Setup your system for development:

git clone
cd itkwidgets
pip install -e ".[test,lab,notebook,cli]"
pytest --nbmake examples/*.ipynb

If Python code is changed, restart the kernel to see the changes.

Warning: This project is under active development. Its API and behavior may change at any time. We mean it 🙃.


Setup your system for documentation development on Unix-like systems:

git clone
cd itkwidgets/docs
pip install -r requirements.txt

Build and serve the documentation:

make html
python -m http.server -d _build/html 8787

Then visit http://localhost:8787/ to see the rendered documentation.


The documentation includes an embedded JupyterLite deployment. To update the JupyterLite deployment, it is recommended to call make clean before starting a new build to avoid build caching issues. Also, serve the rendered documentation on a different port to avoid browser caching issues.

Notebooks served in the JupyterLite deployment can be found at docs/jupyterlite/files.

Support package wheels, including the itkwidgets wheel are referenced in docs/jupyter/jupyterlite_config.json. To update the URLs there, copy the download link address for a wheel found at in a package’s Download files page. Additional wheel files, if not on PyPI, can be added directly at docs/jupyterlite/files/.